Betrayed By Their Trust

Betrayed By Their Trust has been formed to provide mutual support to Worcestershire NHS staff who are victims of bullying or abuse by their managers and to campaign for justice for them. We have achieved an inquiry into abuse at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. This has just reported. BBTT is of the view that this report is a massive disappointment and has avoided facing the problem. We believe the Trust is in crisis and the management must be completely overhauled.

To read the report please click here.

BBTT has produced its response to this report. Please click here.

BBTT has also achieved an inquiry into five cases of abuse by managers of Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust. This inquiry is continuing at present.

It is now over three years since the career of dedicated Community Psychiatric Nurse, Ingra Kirkland, who is my wife, was destroyed by slander, libel, bullying and deceit from senior staff of Worcs Health & Care Trust. All the evidence of the misconduct of her staff before the Chief Executive, Sarah Dugan and the Chairman, Chris Burdon. Their response was to refuse to put any of our allegations through a formal procedure, despite requests for an inquiry by the current MP, Mark Garnier, and the former MP, Dr Richard Taylor. The Trust appeared quite content that it may be employing a group of liars and bullies.

Throughout 2014 we ran a campaign Betrayed By Her Trust, but despite a good deal of publicity the Trust remain beyond any accountability or the reach of democratically elected politicians. We have now been joined by others including two other former employees of the Health & Care Trust ruined by the same managers using bogus allegations.

We have now been joined also by other victims. One is a former nurse of the Acute Trust who was forced to take early retirement after suffering abuse over along period after she had tried to raise issues of understaffing etc. Also, we are now working with the husband of a nurse from the same Trust, who was so badly abused by her managers that she committed suicide.

So BBTT has been formed to campaign against abuse of NHS staff across Worcestershire.

For information on five cases: click here for more details.

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