Betrayed by her Trust

My brief one-man demo (with friend taking photo) in August 2012

It is now two years since the career of dedicated Community Psychiatric Nurse, Ingra Kirkland, who is my wife, was destroyed by malicious allegations and other serious misconduct of her colleagues. In 2011 she was subjected to slander, libel, bullying and deceit from Trust staff. My life also was ruined for most of 2011 as I witnessed what went on with no power to intervene. In July 2012 I placed all the evidence of the misconduct of her staff before the Chief Executive of the Worcestershire Health and Care Trust, Sarah Dugan. Since then further evidence has been put before the Trust. The final effort was in November 2013 in a letter to the Chairman of the Trust. His response was to refuse to put any of our allegations through a formal procedure. The Trust appears quite content that it may be employing a group of liars and bullies.

Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust is harbouring a culture of bullying, by which they suppress concern about the cuts in mental health services, and by which they silence or rid themselves of inconvenient staff. As a diligent union rep, concerned about the cuts and by increasing stress of staff, Ingra was very inconvenient to them.

Early in 2014 a friends support group, Betrayed By Her Trust, will begin campaigning for justice, for the restoration of Ingra’s reputation and for those who abused her to be brought to account. We would like to hear from anyone concerned about this Trust.

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