Betrayed By Their Trust

BBTT stall in Worcester Friday 6th May

BBTT stall in Worcester Friday 6th May

Betrayed By Their Trust has been formed to provide mutual support to Worcestershire NHS staff who are victims of bullying or abuse by their managers and to campaign for justice for them. We have achieved an inquiry into abuse at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. This has just reported. BBTT is of the view that this report is a cover up. It does not reveal any detail of the abuse and no one has been held to account. The CCGs who purchase services from this Trust have not seen the evidence given to the inquiry. The Trust has since been placed in special measures and this evidence should now be reviewed.

To read the report please click here.

BBTT has produced its response to this report. Please click here.

BBTT has also achieved an inquiry into five cases of abuse by managers of Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust. This inquiry was published in January 2016 and is also a cover up. No manager was held to account. BBTT suggested the names of witnesses who can confirm abuse is still continuing, but none were interviewed. In two of the cases evidence was given and accepted of very serious abuse, but then it was mysteriously ruled to be beyond the scope of the inquiry.

To read this report please click here.

For information on five cases: click

The Hounding of a Whistleblower by Worcs Acute Hospitals Trust

In 2014 radiographer Ken Hall tried to raise his concerns that many of our x-rays and scans were not being “reported”. That means they were not being interpreted by a radiographer or radiologist qualified to do so. His managers suppressed these complaints and he was forced to resign. He has since been working quite happily for a private company as a radiologist, but the Trust will not leave him alone. They are making multiple efforts to have him struck off by the professional body, the HCPC.

How many Worcestershire people are not having their cancers picked up early enough because x-rays and scans are not being reported? This question must be answered. To our shame no one in Worcestershire seems capable of protecting our whistleblower.

We believe that Ken was scapegoated for a delay in providing an x-ray to Patient C who died two days later. There should be an inquiry into this. For a summary of how Ken was attacked by two witnesses on this at the first HCPC hearing please click here.

BBTT has started a petition to protect Ken. Please click here. Please collect signatures and return the petition to BBTT

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