Cover Up – is the NHS capable of facing up to the abuse of its staff?

The report into bullying of staff at Worcs Acute Hospitals Trust was published on 27th August. The view of Betrayed By Their Trust (BBTT) is that this report is a cover up.

To read BBTT’s response to the report please click here.

The report of abuse of five members of staff at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust was published in January 2016. This too was a cover up. BBTT suggested that witnesses still working for the Trust be interviewed to confirm that abuse is still taking place. This was refused. In two of the five cases evidence was given and accepted, but then it was ruled beyond the scope of the inquiry. In another case findings were made very damning to the Trust, but were passed over as if of no consequence.

The NHS is at present incapable of recognising its own faults. To quote a well-known newspaper, we have a “cover up culture”.

For more information on BBTT please go to

If you have been abused working for the NHS in Worcestershire, please contact BBTT on 01562 829398 or email: – full confidentiality guaranteed. We offer mutual support.

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