This Man must be Stopped

Mr Chris Burdon runs the Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust like a cult. If you are on the inside you are safe. But there is little hope for those outside who are the victims of malicious allegation by cult members.

Linda Ingles was the much respected matron of Malvern and Pershore Community Hospitals until she was mysteriously suspended in March 2014. Her career and life was ruined. After two years the accusations against her finally reached a hearing at the Nursing and Midwifery Council on 8th August. The Trust wanted her struck off. I attended the hearing on that day and the following day. I heard all the prosecution witnesses, sent down to London from Worcestershire by the Trust. It was a farce. They had no evidence and the case was thrown out the following day. Click here for my full account of the hearing, including what was said by the witnesses Sharon Buckley, Julia Dillon and Sue Lahiff.

BBTT wrote to Mr Burdon to ask what he intended to do to assist Linda to recover from the unwarranted wreckage of her career and to deal with those responsible. Mr Burdon has replied that he intends to do nothing. He puts all the blame on the NMC. For his full reply click here.

They love Sarah Dugan

Despite the considerable evidence of malpractice by managers at Worcs Health and Care Trust which BBTT has put before all the different NHS organisations and unions, their Chief Executive Sarah Dugan has been selected to lead the “footprint area” of Herefordshire and Worcestershire in the search for NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs).

Apparently this means she commands the respect of local colleagues. All we can say is that they have wilfully ignored information given them by BBTT. We include here a letter to Ms Dugan about the cases of Clare Wills and Sue Blackman. Ms Dugan has refused to take responsibility for dealing with this scandal of two former members of her staff scapegoated by her managers for injuries to a patient. All her Worcestershire “local colleagues” know about it but choose to ignore it.

Click here for more information on STPs.

Cover Up – is the NHS capable of facing up to the abuse of its staff?

The report into bullying of staff at Worcs Acute Hospitals Trust was published on 27th August. The view of Betrayed By Their Trust (BBTT) is that this report is a cover up.

To read BBTT’s response to the report please click here.

The report of abuse of five members of staff at Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust was published in January 2016. This too was a cover up. BBTT suggested that witnesses still working for the Trust be interviewed to confirm that abuse is still taking place. This was refused. In two of the five cases evidence was given and accepted, but then it was ruled beyond the scope of the inquiry. In another case findings were made very damning to the Trust, but were passed over as if of no consequence.

The NHS is at present incapable of recognising its own faults. To quote a well-known newspaper, we have a “cover up culture”.

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If you have been abused working for the NHS in Worcestershire, please contact BBTT on 01562 829398 or email: – full confidentiality guaranteed. We offer mutual support.


Land Clubs Article

My article on the Land Clubs of Kidderminster was published in late 2010 in the Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society. It can be read by going to land clubs page on this website.

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